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AAPA 2024 POWERS Summit and Expo


January 22 24, 2024


Click below to see our current agenda, which highlights the topics we will cover and over 50 confirmed speakers!

Event Highlights

Engaging Keynote Speakers: Brace yourself for a lineup of extraordinary thought leaders in the fields of energy, resilience, and sustainability. These notable speakers will inspire and motivate you while sharing groundbreaking insights on leveraging green technologies, strengthening infrastructure, and fostering a culture of sustainability within ports.

Interactive Panel Discussions: Dive deep into riveting panel discussions that cover a wide range of pressing topics, including renewable energy integration, climate change adaptation strategies, green shipping practices, and innovative port infrastructure developments. Engage with experts, ask thought-provoking questions, and ignite meaningful conversations that drive transformative change within the industry.

Cutting-Edge Exhibitions: Explore a vibrant showcase of cutting-edge technologies, sustainable solutions, and leading-edge initiatives from pioneering companies, organizations, and startups. Immerse yourself in the latest advancements in renewable energy, sustainable logistics, smart port technologies, and much more. Discover the tools you need to shape the future of your port operations.

Networking Opportunities: Forge valuable connections and exchange ideas with like-minded professionals from across the globe. Participate in stimulating conversations, build partnerships, and discover collaborative opportunities that can drive positive change in the port industry. Expand your professional network and leave a lasting impact on your organization.

Exclusive Workshops: Take part in specialized workshops conducted by experts in their respective fields. These immersive sessions provide hands-on experiences and invaluable knowledge on topics such as energy optimization, port resiliency planning, sustainable development strategies, and effective stakeholder engagement. Leave the summit equipped with practical tools and insights to implement sustainable practices in your port operations.


Please reach out to us with any questions regarding our program agenda.

Interested in speaking? Please contact Chelsea Kertes by clicking here.